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2005-November de "Amerika, Du hast es besser?"
a book review about the first edition of the book series "Weimarer Studien zur Kulturpolitik und Kulturökonomie", in which 4 chapters analyze the differences of cultural financing and support in the USA and Germany.
published by Leipziger Universitäts Verlag, 2005
( in Kulturmanagement Network Newsletter Nr. -2005-11) (PDF)
2005-April de "Long Island Children Museum"
published in Kulturmanagement Spezial: "Kinder- und Jugendkultur"
(click here for complete PDF document - 66 pages!)
2004-November de  "Community, Culture and Globalzation"
a book review of a reader about cultural community work around the world. 21 case studies: from "oral history" to " youth media in Vietnam".
Published by the Rockefeller Foundation, 2002
( in Kulturmanagement Network Newsletter Nr. -2004-11) (PDF)
2003-May de "Kultur zwischen den Fronten: kulturelles Erbe in Irak"
written after reports about lootering of Iraqs Museums after the war
(published on
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In 2002 he started writing occasionally for the German based arts management network.

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