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:: 2001-09-26 ::

The Peacemakers speak...
this is certainly the best collection of thoughts, I came across so far. A group of Nobel Peace Laureates are sharing their peaceful thoughts after the September attacks.
:: w boell 8:10 PM [+] ::
:: 2001-09-20 ::
EKB Dumas wrote 3 days ago that the widely circulating NOSTRADAMUS e-mail is a bad joke, falsely quoted and rewritten. Almost in Columbo style, Barbara "la cosa nostradamus" Mikkelson writes about how this fabrication happened in the first place.

"Those looking for the certainty of a Nostradamus prophecy come true have been known to sledge hammer the results to force a fit by inventing fanciful translations from the original French, bend over backwards to assert one named term is really another, and (as in this case) outright fabricate part or all of the prediction."

Sadly, these hoaxes travel so fast around the internet, that they have to make it to the headlines... in order to educate fast believers...

"The spike in the writer's popularity appeared to have been fueled by the Internet, where Web sites and e- mail messages promoted the idea that he had foreseen Tuesday's tragic events. One e-mail message that was widely circulated last week combines sentence fragments from different passages in Nostradamus's writings with words that were not his..." writes Emily Eakin in the New York Times (Sep 18th)
:: w boell 4:36 PM [+] ::

:: 2001-09-19 ::
Scattered instances of hostility toward Muslims appears to have spread even to other ethnic groups with a passing resemblance to Middle Easterners.At a Concord liquor store owned by Indian Prem Chaudhri, a woman in her 60s walked in Tuesday and loudly told an employee, "Kill me! Kill me!" the owner said. Chaudhri said the employee replied, "Ma'am, we don't kill anyone. I have nothing to do with that," referring to the terrorist attacks. She asked him, "Where are you from?" The employee replied, "India." The woman walked out. That was one of three similar incidents at the store that day, Chaudhri said. from The Contra Costa (Calif. ) Times, September 13, 2001

It is so nice and easy to target your anger against a scapegoat, especially if it is a "visible group". And if one does only happen to look like them? too bad, he is guilty by appearance...
:: w boell 1:37 AM [+] ::

More racial profiling against "Arabs". (or people who seem to be them & look like them, or what other people think they would look like, after watching the "bad guys" on TV) Fortunately we hear more warning voices. Nevertheless, we have to watch out, that the civil rights of nobody will abandoned as national security measures. As Yale Kamisar, a law professor at the University of Michigan puts it: "If a tragedy causes us to take away basic rights, then the terrorists have won and -- like the lives lost -- have taken away something that is very precious." quoted from ACLU fears intrusive policies, racial profiling by Harriet Chiang in The San Francisco Chronicle, September 13, 2001
:: w boell 12:57 AM [+] ::
:: 2001-09-18 ::
"I knew that I could never again raise my voice against the violence of the oppressed in the ghettos without having first spoken clearly to the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today - my own government."
Martin Luther King Jr.

:: w boell 8:50 AM [+] ::
:: 2001-09-17 ::
"As you sow, so you shall reap!"

I have now twice received an e-mail, in which a quote of Nostradamus is predicting the 3rd world war related to a catastrophe in the New World. This is a bad joke, because it is misquoted, edited and re-written. The e-mail forwards act like distorted sentences in the children game, where a message is quickly whispered from mouth to mouth, losing each time a little bit more of its truth.

Even worse however is, that this e-mail only helps to encourgage fear, instead of distributing words of peace. We are part of one big breathing organism, called earth. Let's imagine ourselves as part of this pulsating membrane. When we project bad thoughts and ideas, they come alive, thus jeopardizing the health of the whole organism. We humans help creating ourselves the negative circles in life, when distributing fearful words and images. How can we then ask forgiveness from God?

Let's put our heads together and invision and distribute beautiful words and images. Support peaceful actions and understanding like the Grandfather from Connecticut this morning on NPR (Radio). He lost his son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter, who were on one of the hijacked planes, but he was all forgiving. Sad, but strong in his faith.
"I do not want revenge. I only want justice. Hate does not help me - in fact, it would even dirty the memory of my children. They were loving people and I will fight to keep their love alive! That is what they would have wanted."

:: EKB Dumas 5:21 PM [+] ::

Prejudices are the root of racism. Only in creating understanding, we will overcome the hate and anger. I have experienced that many times.

From: "African Identity"

People see my difference, but they can only understand it at the level of the color of my skin. They are not able to "see" my French upbringing, my American higher education or my Japanese studies. This lack of understanding does not make me angry, but rather it helps me to look inside myself, to define who I truly am. I am African, I am French, I am American and I am even a bit Japanese. Beyond the concept of nationalities, beyond simple flags and government, I am also a product of those who surround me. People of the places where I lived, did influence me as I did influence them.
:: EKB Dumas 5:04 PM [+] ::

:: 2001-09-15 ::
The Dalai Lama writes to Mr.Bush and is concerned about an escalating circle of violence. I share his concern.

I personally believe we need to think seriously whether a violent action is the right thing to do and in the greater interest of the nation and people in the long run.
I believe violence will only increase the cycle of violence.

here is the full text: www.webdak.com/words/lib/dalailamatobush.html
:: w boell 8:12 PM [+] ::

:: 2001-09-14 ::
One good donation-idea: Office Space! Jason Calcanis, CEO of the "Silicon Alley Daily" started on Wednesday to send e-mails to all subscribers of the daily New York newsletter. Already after 2 days, the space-donations match companies, hit by the desaster with space-, desk- and computer-donors. In his words:

We are looking for people who can donate space for at least one month free of charge. We have 25 or so companies looking for space and it looks like around ten of them will be placed today. These companies range in size from 1 - 10 people, and run as high as 50 -700 people. Additionally, we have over 60 companies which have offered space. Some people are offering one desk, while others are offering 250 desks. It is truly inspiring.

If you want to donate a computer, have some office space in Manhattan or looking for a desk,
write to me at wboell@webdak.com
or directly to Jason: jason.calcanis@venturereporter.net

:: w boell 8:47 PM [+] ::

Here is a good list of relief funds...


:: w boell 8:27 PM [+] ::


We have collected some of the reports & accounts around us since Tuesday. Send us an e-mail, if you want to share a personal story. This page should work, starting later today...

:: w boell 2:03 PM [+] ::

NPR reported about teachers telling their students that all palestinians are evil...

One of the major causes of ethnic prejudice is negative stereotyping!
:: EKB Dumas 1:56 PM [+] ::

from our friend Yan...
history tells us that humanity is anything but humane
and at times radical actions highlight our darker
side. this is humanity at its worst, and will demand
humanity at its best in the future to heal and make us
whole again.
:: w boell 1:30 PM [+] ::
The last 3 days I was quite busy setting up the German version of Club Webdak, namely Cafe Wabe. Let me know, if you want to join that log, too.

Here, we invite everybody to share their thoughts about Culture and Communication. Again we realize the importance of communication after some actions against islamic Americans. Prejudices shouldn't reign after the horrific terror acts on 9/11. We have to differentiate between citizens and outlaws, no matter what religion, ethnic group or nationality!
:: w boell 11:49 AM [+] ::

Welcome to everybody!
:: w boell 11:37 AM [+] ::

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