Why working with WebdaK ?

If you are (for example) one of the following, it is very likely, that we can help you, achieve your goals:
  • CEO of medium-sized business, ready for the next step in your company's growth
  • Director of organization, wondering about ways to improve visibility & image
  • President of small business with not enough time to strategize marketing or business development
  • Entrepreneur with too many open questions of how to grow your idea
  • International business planning to establish a presence in the USA
  • German/ European organization planning to target expatriates and culturally related consumers

We give our clients a quick business or communication check, after a short FREE assessment of the situation, and then offer solutions and possible improvements. That usually establish new tools to efficiently communicate the main information & message to the target audience.

We also coach entrepreneurs & leaders, which is a very focused way of consulting and includes many proven success strategies. As personal trainer, we are focused on your goals. One client called his weekly strategic consulting sessions his "therapy meetings" - therapy for the business!




with diligence & precision we choose
with excitement & creativity we work
with discipline & focus we deliver
with responsibility & commitment we follow up

try us!

international understanding
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